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Keith Hill, B.A.

Research Analyst, Unlicensed (Sales Support)

Keith has been with Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton since September of 2016. As the Research Analyst, Keith is responsible for all research coming out of Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton, coordinating local contributions towards national research, and providing in-depth information and analysis of the market to our sales team and their clients. He also directs the production of video content for our site, and is a member of our marketing and social media teams.

For six years before joining Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton, Keith worked as a freelance education consultant for students at the University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan. He also worked briefly in residential leasing before moving into commercial real estate, bringing with him experience in demographic analysis, forecasting, marketing and community management.

Keith holds degrees in Economics and International Relations, with a specific focus on economic development, from the University of Alberta. He is currently preparing to begin taking actuarial exams.

Keith holds several awards in public speech and debate, and has trained several nationally and internationally ranked speakers and debaters. He also continues to teach digital literacy to both adults and students in his spare time.

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