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What’s Next | Capital Markets 2019 Forecast (PART 4)

Although volumes have been down over the past year, there is still a high buyer demand for product below the $10 million price point. Is this still the market or will there be movement for the bigger assets to take advantage of redevelopment/density opportunities for under-performing assets?              Part 1         Part 2         Part 3 What’s Next 2019 – Part4_(PDF)   The Edmonton retail market is really the tale of two segments. The institutional players who are focused on grocery anchored or power center plays compared to the local risk… Read more »

What’s Next | Capital Markets 2019 Forecast (PART 3)

Is the flight to quality over since there are very few pockets of space left in the new properties and will there be investment opportunities in the market to utilize some of the older buildings for office space?              Part 1         Part 2 What’s Next 2019 – Part3 (PDF)   Although this segment of the market had an increase in sales volume in 2018, it was heavily influenced by the sale of the Edmonton Tower at a price of $400,000,000. The Enbridge Tower that was the next largest sale at $22,000,000 is… Read more »

What’s Next | Capital Markets 2019 Forecast (PART 2)

Is the shrinking inventory going to lead to more spec activity and land sales or is there an opportunity to invest in less functional buildings and repurposing? How do we see this playing out over the next twelve months?              Part 1 What’s Next 2019 – Part2 (PDF)   The Edmonton industrial sector appears to be at a crossroads. The Anthony Henday Ring Road has been completed and it has shortened drive times to all geographical sectors of the City. Along with this fundamental change, industrial areas within the Anthony Henday are approaching full build-out… Read more »

What’s Next | Capital Markets 2019 Forecast (PART 1)

We have managed to come through the downturn because of major infrastructure spending and the development activity in the downtown core. What’s next? What’s Next 2019 – PART 1 (PDF)   The Edmonton real estate market came out of a twenty year lull in the mid-2000’s on the back of unprecedented capital spending in the energy and public sectors. This catch-up phase led to incredible value growth in the commercial real estate sector and cushioned the area from the recessions of 2008 and 2015. As we look forward, the latest economic trends in Edmonton indicate that employment in the Edmonton… Read more »